4 Non-Negotiables for Getting Results with your Training

1. Progressive Overload

As mentioned in our previous blog, this is the most important factor. Progressive overload is a training principle at the base of all programming that is achieved by manipulating the stimulus in a variety of ways. Some methods of doing so include increasing the weight each week, increasing the number of reps completed on an exercise, moving up in the number of total sets you complete, controlling the tempo at which you move the weight and paused reps, just to name a few.

2. Execution and Proper Form

This is vital. Proper form is going to allow us to focus specifically on the muscles we are trying to target and will help prevent us from any potential injury. You want to teach your body to move and perform as proficiently as possible as early on as you can. This will allow you to execute your movements in a safe manner, reduce the need to reset neural pathways down the track and will lead to further gains.

Another point to be noted is that the majority of muscle damage is caused in the eccentric (downward) portion of a movement e.g. bicep curl. Muscle damage is a good thing, especially when referring to muscle growth as we need to damage the muscle fibres for them to be rebuilt bigger and stronger. So it makes sense to slow down, focus on form and come back on the weight if you need too.

3. Intensity

To effectively make change to the body, we need to inflict a certain amount of stress and damage to it. This is where Reps In Reserve comes into play (RPE can also be used). Reps In Reserve is an indicator of how hard you need to be working for that specific exercise and set.

To put it simply, if you get to the end of a working set and put the weight down but you feel as though you could have hit 10 more reps, then you are not working hard enough. RIR of 1-4 ensures you are pushing that muscle to it’s near max and providing it with enough stress whilst also allowing it room to recover. That muscle will then be built bigger and stronger when we rest.

4. It's Gotta be Fun!
If the training modality that you are undertaking isn't lighting you up with energy and getting you excited to want to train then you won't maintain it. Playing around with different types of training methods can help you gain an understanding of what it is that you actually enjoy. Maybe it's Strength Training, Crossfit, Interval Training, Running, Powerlifting, Cardio or a mix of everything!

Have fun with it