Become Aware with Self-Reflection

Dr Joe Dispenza says, "Your thoughts create your reality". In that short statement he emphasises the importance of becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

So the million dollar question remains, how do we become aware of our thoughts? The answer to that is practicing daily self-reflection . 

In doing so allows you to express your inner thoughts, clearing your mind of any stress or negativity enabling you to continue to grow toward unlocking your true potential. Taking the time to reflect each day before laying your head to rest assists in gaining a better understanding of yourself by reminiscing on your day and pinpointing the ups and downs.

Part of wise self- reflection is reminding ourselves of the bounds of our mastery and the limits of our true potential. It will identify the improvements you made as well as the setbacks you faced that day so you can reflect on and identify your failures and take the steps to turn those failures into learning curves.

By developing a consistent self-reflection practice it can aid in expressing your deepest thoughts and beliefs daily, clearing any negativity that may be held within that could be holding you back and hindering your progression to unlocking your true potential. 

What type of questions can I ask myself to practice self-reflection? 

Here's a few straight out of The Key Journal

1) What are 3 things I did well today?

2) What is 1 thing I could of handled better today?

3) What is 1 thing I can do to improve tomorrow?

4) Other thoughts and emotions I am feeling today are?

Remember, you don't have to sit and write 1000 words each night to become self-aware. These 4 questions are short, simple and  straight to the point but can have a massive impact on your development in becoming a well rounded self- aware individual.