The Effective Way to Set and Achieve Goals

Setting clear goals and taking the steps to achieve them is a huge shift towards unlocking your true potential. It's important to have a strong reasoning behind the goals that you set, because when you do you are able to be specific and clear in your approach to working towards them. Having a reason behind why you have set your goals allows you to go back, revisit and reflect the real intention behind why you set your goals in the first place. Practically, this will assist in overcoming roadblocks that may appear when times get tough and you feel low on motivation. Having categorised, specific and time managed goals allows you to find the confidence to keep progressing towards finding the best version of yourself and unlocking your true potential.


The ‘Key’ to goal setting is breaking them into categories, this is what we recommend:

Health and Exercise- These goals are what will help you stay motivated and relate directly to bettering your health. They are the ones you set yourself that keeps you accountable to getting up early and pushing yourself to new limits physically. Example, 5km run 2 times a week or to lose 2 kilograms in a certain amount of time. This is where the ‘Key To Your Fitness’ Journal will become your best friend. 

Financial- Financial goals relate directly to the money you earn, spend and keep. The majority of individuals spend 40+ hours working a week which results to being 2/3 of your lives so why not make the most of what you earn and enjoy life to its fullest. For example, set goals aligning with how much you want to save, maybe for a holiday or a house. You can even set financial targets that you want to hit for your company or for the business you work for.

Family & Relationship- These goals are the ones you set to help make your family or relationships thrive. Giving is living and if you can find a way to give to the ones who mean the most then you will really experience this firsthand. For example, some family or relationship goals may be to take the family on a holiday or make the time to take your partner for a meal once or twice a week.

Personal- Before you can focus on giving anyone time or value you must look after yourself. Think of what you want to do that’s just for you, that will make you a smarter, healthier and happier person. Examples may be to read daily or take the time to meditate.

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