About us

The ‘Key’ Journal has been constructed by Mitchell Briggs and Nick Newman. We are young males from the Central Coast, New South Wales who are strong believers that daily self-development is key to unlocking your true potential.

Mitchell operates his personal training business on the Central Coast as well as a Men’s Health group that he founded with his two business partners. After working through his own personal challenges, Mitchell’s love and passion for self-development and journaling really sparked as he came to realise the positive impact that it had on him.

Nick a Director at Steinbok Brands. Self-development came into Nick’s life whilst living overseas playing Rugby League. Although the experience was one he is grateful for, it still came with its challenges and Nick looked to journaling to help him regain control of his life and emotions. 

A personal message from us to you:
We hope you love The Key Journal as much as we loved bringing it to you. This journal is an accumulation of ideas and focus points that have helped us get through some of our darkest days and have kept us on track with our goals.

“Do more of what makes you happy.”