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The Key Journal

Before using this journal, I found it difficult to prioritise and organise daily tasks. However since utilising the Key Journal at the beginning of each day, I have found it extremely easy to lay out my goals and plans succinctly. This has enabled me to maintain a tighter schedule and better allocate my time, which I have found to be extremely beneficial in my day-to-day life.

Tayla M.

The Key To Your Fitness Journal

This journal has been a game changer for keeping structure to my training. The layout is effective and easy to use! My favourite aspect is being able to accurately track the weights that I've used in each exercise so I know I am pushing myself in the sessions that follow.

Jacob B.

The Key Journal

“Using the Key Journal first thing of a morning really puts the “why” into my day. Physically writing down my goals and being able to refer on how my day went gives me insight to my progress. I recommend this tool to anyone serious about living in the present and making the most of their time.”

Gavin Y.

The Key Journal and The Key To Your Fitness Journal

"My experience with using both of The Key Journal’s has been amazing so far. I have most enjoyed being able to log every workout down into the journal instead of my phone and thus not feeling tempted to open my phone and social media apps or text during a workout. The phone now stays face down and only needed for music. That has made such a big impact on my mental space going into my workouts and even enjoying them a lot more because of that mental space. "

"The main journal has been so nice to not only record my daily planner but most of all the positive affirmations and writing that down at the start of the day has been so helpful for setting my day up really well and as well as putting everything into perspective."

"So over all my experience has been incredible and I’ll continue to use both of The Key Journals." 

Marty P.

The Key Journal

"This journal has become a solid building block for my morning. It helps me gain perspective of where I am at mentally that day. It is set and laid out in a simple and non daunting way unlike some other journals."

"I feel I have noticed the sense of clarity and drive that The Key Journal has been able to deliver."

Josh S.

The Key Journal

"There's so much to say about the link between physically writing down goals with pen and paper and the likelihood of accomplishing those goals. Put simply; it's exponential."

The masterminds behind The Key Journal have done exactly that; they have stripped back what it takes to be successful, and give you the building blocks. A balanced life is a good life; put this journal in your tool kit and you'll never look back."

Ben M.

The Key To Your Fitness Journal

"This has been a game changer for me. I have always been one to track my workouts but struggled to find a product that matched my needs and expectations. the layout and structure of the key journal is perfect and exactly what I have been looking for, it helps create the structure I need to track my training as well as creating a form of accountability to myself and my program."

"In the short time I have been using it I have already been more motivated and more prepared in my sessions. This is definitely a must if you wish to take your fitness to the next level."

Cade R.

The Key Journal

"Before usuing the Key Journal I would struggle trying to find the right way to set out my daily tasks. Either trying to write my to do's in my notes or trying to add them to my calendar. But since using The Key I have found nothing but clarity, awareness and motivation. Implementing 5 minutes of my morning and night to sit down and reflect on my day has made an incredible difference."

"I have made time to prioritise The Key and use this to keep me acountable for my tight schedules and even help me stay on track mentally with the positive affirmations the Key asks you day to day."

Erin H.

The Key Journal

"The most significant thing that the Key Journal has helped me with is clarifying my goals and plans. The journal has really helped me overcome the daily grind of tasks that are urgent and, instead, help me focus in on and execute tasks that are important to creating a life I want to see. Day to day, this journal is easy to use, practical and has helped me track my personal growth more than ever before."

Jesse M.

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